Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Babies!

Since it is only four days until Christmas, I guess I have messed up the twelve days of santa picture concept... So here we go (in reverse order since that is how they uploaded...)

2010 (Nick-12, Gillian-5, and Spencer-1)

2009 (Nick-11, Gillian-4, and Spencer-3 months)

2008 (Nick-10 and Gillian-3)

2007 (Nick-9 and Gillian-2)

2006 (Nick-8 and Gillian-1)

2005 (Nick-7 and Gillian-4 months)

2004 (Nick-6)

2003 (Nick-5)

2002 (Nick-4)

2001 (Nick-3)

2000 (Nick-2)

1999 (Nick-1)

1998 (Nick-1 month)

So much Fun! I have them all framed and stretched out across the top of our piano (got to get some use out of it somehow...) I know there exists a great picture of me when I was a toddler with Santa. I look a lot like Gillian in 2006! I will try to locate. So glad to finally have them all scanned.

On the what's for dinner front...we have been having Christmas cookies and hot chocolate for a couple of weeks now. We started making cookies to give away to neighbors and friends. But have consumed a large portion of them ourselves. I have also been having this for breakfast. Yum! The Santafication process is well under way!... Hope the de-santafication process will be as fun...

P.S. I mailed my 2010 & 2009 Christmas cards on Monday. I did cards last year, just never got around to mailing them...new baby and all...I had even bought the stamps...


Sabra said...

Wow, Nikki, this is so awesome. What a treasure these will be to all of you for a lifetime. Way to be Santafied. Love you. Merry Christmas.

Judy said...

What a cute idea! Some of the Santas look the same; must have been the real one for at least a few years in a row :)

AD said...

These are absolutely delightful and capture the growth of your kids in such a fun way. What will you have to pay Nick to continue???? Hahaha

Wish I had done this with my kids!

Carla said...

How fun! I don't have any cute pics of my kids with santa :-(
I loved the christmas cards, both years! Love you guys!