Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Who decides these things????

Okay, so I am a little into Vampires right now.  Well, I have always been a fan.  I loved Buffy before it got all weird and Angel even though it never came on when I could watch it with any regularity.  Twilight made me revisit this genre and now I can't get enough.  My latest CD purchase was Vampire Weekend.  So Moonlight was prefect timing for me.  Big strong very hot male vampire with a health dose of morals meets vulnerable human girl with a knack for getting into trouble and voila!!! Instant hit!!!  But after only 1 season, some stupid big wig is pulling the plug.  How does a show voted best new TV show get cancelled???   With the Twilight movement gaining momentum, I can't help but think someone is making a HUGE mistake.  Where are all the devoted vampire groupies suppose to go???  This is all too upsetting.  I guess I will just have to make do with the adult vampire romance book series Shane found for me after enjoying the effects the teenage vampire book series had...  

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Utah trip souvenirs

So I spent a great deal of time of my trip to Utah last week worrying about what to bring back for my kids...I brought back See's candy and t-shirts all around.  But the kids both flipped over my Maverick mug...I wonder if I can get someone to ship me some more????

Check out our website to see all my pictures from the trip.

It was fun to see everyone.  I will try not to wait another dozen years before I go back.