Friday, July 11, 2008

Story time with Gillian: Goldilocks and The Three Bears

I just happened to point the camera at her at just the right moment.  She would never have done this on que...

Thursday, July 10, 2008


(phone rings at work)
Nikki: "Hello, this is Nikki."
Nick: "Mom, I need my phone back."(Nick is currently without a phone because I sold mine in anticipation of the iPhone 3G, so I am temporarily using his and he has none)
Nikki: "Why, you only have a few more hours to go"
Nick: "I need to call Parker."(Parker is Nick's fair weather friend that lives behind us)
Nikki: "Just call him from the house phone, don't you know his number?"(Can't really hold that against him, I don't know anyones phone number whole life is on my SIM card, or SEND card as my mother-in-law says)
Nick: "No, I don't know his number, it's saved in my phone. What am I suppose to do then, MANUALLY go and ask him to play?"