Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy 10th Birthday Nick!!!

(6 am - sleeping soundly)
Nick: Mom!! 
Me:  What?! (open one eye to see Nick standing by the bed dressed for the day...I must be dreaming)
Nick: Mom, it's my birthday!!!
Me:  Happy birthday Nick. Come back in 30 minutes...(close open eye)
(30 minutes later)
Nick: Mom! I made you guys breakfast!
Me: I don't do breakfast.
Nick: I know. That's why I just made you a glass of orange juice.  I made me and Dad waffles! (Don't panic - they were Eggos)
Me: (open one eye again)
Nick: Can I open my present now?!?!?!
Me: Dad, give him his present and take pictures. (close open eye again).

Don't feel too bad for him.  He spent the rest of the morning on a Japanese island surrounded by heavy gun fire... his personal paradise.

Tonight G'ma is taking him out for Sushi,
tomorrow night the family is going out for pizza and Bolt 3-D,
and apparently Saturday night he has invited some friends to go to Lasertron and then sleep-over.  One of the mothers of the friends asked me about it tonight at open house at school... Talk about stretching a birthDAY into an entire weekend!!! 

Happy Birthday Nick!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

What's for dinner??? Golden Winter Soup!!!

Golden Winter Soup from Cooking Light

I found another great recipe on cooking light.  

This was easy and delicious with the added bonus of being only 7 WW points per serving, including two pieces of toast!!!  Enjoy!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

Here is the kids with the explanation of their Halloween costumes...Rock Band!!!

We had a great Halloween!!! Sheriece's family and Lexie and Noah came over to Trick or Treat with us.  Mom and Lee came and tended the campfire and brought Halloween punch...I didn't know you could drink stuff with dry ice floating in it...  We had "Scared Silly Chili"(aka AD's White Chili) and tons of treats including Carma's sugar cookies (a family FAVORITE!!) and Lexie's Bug Cupcakes!!! We also stuffed in roasted hot dogs and marshmellows.  Ugh...  Nick hit the streets of our neighborhood with his crew(too big to go with the family this year).  We finished off the night with the Goonies.  Great night!!!

P.S. I almost posted my first photo bucket link all by myself...I only had to Sheriece once!!! Go me!!!