Friday, December 21, 2007


Sometimes pictures say all that needs to be said...or maybe not.  Gillie dressed up Sofia(our real life puppy) and tucked her in bed. 

I am offically one of THOSE people

You know, one of those people who inspire the big warning labels all over everything... yes, it's that bad.  Some girl friends and I met for dinner this week and exchanged gifts.  I gave a milk frother (great for hot coco and froth for lattes) a set of red Christmas mugs and a coffee table cookbook on Coffee to my coffee loving friend Heather.  She gave me an adorable picture frame with "the gang" on it (the name of my website) and one of those new Woodwick candles in Currant.  The candles are unique because they have a wood wick instead of spring or thread and therefore sound like a real fire when they are burning.  I rush home to try out the new candle (love candles!!!) and listen to the crackling...only it's not as loud as a real fire.  Okay, here it comes... I couldn't hear it very well, so I picked it up to hold it closer to my ear so I could hear better.  They were right! It sounds just like a flickering, crackling fire.  At this point I am being to smell something funny... Out of the corner of my eye I notice that a small patch of my hair is slowly curling and melting.  Yep, my hair was on fire!!!! Thank goodness I am not a huge fan of hair products.  A little hair spray would probably taken me from flammable to highly combustible. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

All I want for Christmas is a FISH!!

We watched Addison and Pearson Saturday night for Sheriece and Jerad, who were going to her company Christmas party.  At the end of the evening Sheriece, came in with the greatest thing since sliced bread.  At least the kids though so.  Sheriece had won four foot long fish pillow during a round of Dirty Santa.  It was a hit with ALL the kids.  The four of them spent the next two hours playing with the fish.  Now, if you ask Gillie what she wants for Christmas, she says "A fish, mine ownd one, not Pearson's." This is a considerable upgrade from the "apples" she previously wanted from Santa.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Visit with Santa

Our visit with santa went better this year than last, which Gillie scream through the entire visit.  This year, despite the tears, we almost got a smile.  We waited in line for about 15 minutes (we went on a weeknight) watching the other children and their reactions to Santa.  When it was our turn, Gillie tugs on my pants and says "I wait in the car".  


Nikki:  How do you like your new shampoo, Nick?
Nick: Not really, its coconut.
Nikki: What's wrong with coconut?
Nick: Well, it smells okay, but it tastes horrible.

Nick:  It takes a long time to make your hair look like you just woke 8 hours!!