Thursday, December 2, 2010

For Aunt Ellen (aka Diane):

I was going to post my new Santa picture and realized I haven't posted anything since my last Santa picture...Nothing for an entire YEAR! (no wonder Aunt Ellen requested an update) why is that?... I am blaming facebook... and by extension, Sheriece and AD (love you both!).

I love reading and following other people's blogs. I start each morning by hitting a few of my favorites. It's the new coffee. I always come away inspired to make something or do something or BE something. While I am lacking in the usual creative, interesting traits required to be a great blogger, I would still love to be a blogger, if only for my own sake.

So, I am committing to blogging on a more regular basis. Therefore I am going to save my new Santa picture and do a 12 days of Christmas thing with all the pictures to date. Fun?... Sounds fun to me, I do love my Santa pictures.

So for tonight I am just gonna blog about....what I had for dinner! Although I am not looking to start a cooking blog. Mainly because I don't cook. Think I will use "What's for Dinner?" as default/filler posts... Tonight Shane made a scrumptious stew for another of our favorite blogs, Kalyn's Kitchen. She has a great cafe Rio recipe!...although I have nothing to compare it to. Never been to the real deal, but I hear great things about it! (btw, Sheriece, AD, that meal makes up for the facebook thing!) Anyway, Kalyn's pictures are much more appetizing than mine. I'll work on that...

Crockpot Recipe for Sausage, Peppers, and Cannellini Bean Stew

It is a South Beach recipe that I LOVE! Italian turkey sausage, YUM!. (Thanks, Shane! )We do the South Beach / low carb thing on occasion with much success and I am currently in need of some of that success. Holding out until after Christmas and then we will go back to phase one. Maybe this will be the year I finally shed all this baby weight I have been carrying around for twelve years now in varying degrees... Tonight though, I had my soup with saltines!

Oh, and here is a quick picture of Spencer. This is his early morning face. Somehow he looks sweeter in the mornings...maybe it's the bed head, a sign of a great night's sleep.


Riece said...

Nikki, you blogged! I need to blog, too. Your post was GREAT. Maybe it will inspire me to blog again! Man, that picture of Spence is CUTE. You can kinda see the "big kid" in his face now, huh?

I'll have to try this recipe!

AD said...

Hooray! You're back! Thank you, Ellen! Loved this post. That photo of Spencey...well, I'd say he stole my heart but he did that the first time I laid eyes on him.

You're right that FB has cut back on the blogging...I'm too long-winded on the blog and on FB I can keep it short and sweet. Sorry we let you down!

I love that your morning blog reading is your new coffee--hahaha. I too always look forward each morning to finding what everyone has to say. But I'm happiest when there is a post from one of my sisters/nieces.

Judy said...

So happy to see your update! I have kept all your Christmas cards through the years--you are so good at that!--and I love watching the kids grow up before my very eyes...

DIANE said...

I am so very very happy that you are back. I almost didn't click onto your blog tonight. Sure glad I did. Adorable baby. Can't believe he is so big. Like Judy, I have kept all your cards and look so forward each year to hearing from you (no pressure!). Now inspire the rest of your siblings to write more!

Carla said...

I haven't even been checking the blogosphere lately due to Facebook and the fact that not many of us are blogging anymore.
Glad to hear you are back! Love the pic of Spencer, I can't believe how big he is!
I'll be sure to check back for more blog posts!